while the basic rules of rp apply, please remember the golden rule to all things: treat others the way you would like to be treated. ic and ooc should always be kept separate. if you see something and need help in any way, please do not hesitate to come to us. a delete application means you were rejected. we reserve the right to not answer any questions as to why you were rejected. nevertheless, we want an exciting and fun environment that focuses on character development and it definitely helps if we all work together!
activity & journals
as this is a gpsl, we only expect a post at the end of each month. this post may be substantial or a simple ffa, gif set, lyrics, etc. we would prefer if members posted threads in the community but this is not a requirement by any means. please make sure threads are viewable to mods if you would like them to count towards activity. despite the lax activity checks, we do require everyone to comment and interact with one another so there are no exclusions. we won't tolerate a cliquey environment in a gpsl this size. journals may be either ic or ooc, as long as they relate to the character in some manner. they should not contain underscores or numbers, along with excessive letters. a backdated ic & ooc post will be required.
we will only be accepting characters from PIXAR and ANIMATED disney films with only ENCHANTED and ROGER RABBIT being the exception to "live-action" films. there will be one npc and that will be QUEEN NARISSA.

please be sure to research and observe the culture and personality of your character, the world that it came from and avoid white-washing of any poc characters. it should be noted that playing a character of another species is allowed, though they would have came to new york city as a human. some characters may continue to have their magical and superhuman powers and abilities. as far as characters and their exact age goes, make sure to try to keep them similar to their fairy tale counterpart or mention that the difference is part of the enchantment. all pb's must be 18 and older. we would prefer if the 5 year rule was applied, though we won't be strict on enforcing it.
this portion will be heavily credited back to DISARRAYED.

WHERE DOES THIS GAME TAKE PLACE AND HOW LONG HAVE CHARACTERS BEEN THERE? this game will take place in new york city, new york. characters were transferred on july 4th, 2016 – it hasn't even been a year since their arrival.

IS THERE A CHARACTER LIMIT? at the moment, there are no character limits. however, we do urge that every other character be of the opposite gender to keep the ratio even. if this should get out of hand at any point, then we will implement some sort of cap.

CAN MY CHARACTER BE DIFFERENT FROM ITS ORIGINAL STORY? yes and no. characters will be thrown into a new life in new york and their stance in the world may take a drastic change from that alone. since their memories may still be foggy of their lives before, it will be easier for a hero to begin to align with the villains and vice-versa. however, we do ask that players do their research on both their character and the previous world that they came from. nevertheless, how a character lives in the modern world may be up to you entirely.

DO CHARACTERS KNOW ONE ANOTHER IN THE MODERN WORLD? they didn't right away. since it hasn't reached their one year anniversary yet, many characters may still suffer from a foggy memory. there are always nagging suspicions between heroes and villains, and each side has started up their own organization once they've figured out the truth behind their pasts and came to an agreement with their lives now. few have came out publicly, others have been adamant about keeping their true identities a secret. ultimately it's up to you what your character does and who knows your character's true backstory.

HOW DID THIS ALL HAPPEN? long story short, QUEEN NARISSA had an enchantment that went awfully wrong. again.

have other questions that weren't answered here? then please don't hesitate to ask us by leaving a comment in our DROPBOX.